Lightfield Viewer

Lightfield Viewer lets you examine lightfield images taken with plenoptic cameras.

It automatically computes initial parameters (microlens offset and stride) as a starting-point for tweaking the individual image. As it utilizes the processing power of the GPU by using a highly optimized OpenCL-based rendering-path, results of parameter-changes can be seen in real-time. Final images can be saved in the PNG-format.

The parameters have the following meaning:

View-Plane Z The z-position of the virtual sensor plane. Controls the focus-point.
Aperture-Size/Z The ratio of the virtual aperture-size and the distance of the virtual aperture from the virtual sensor plane.
Aperture-Z The logarithmic distance of the aperture from the sensor plane.
The x/y-offset of the virtual aperture.
Micro-Offset X
Micro-Offset Y
The x/y-offset of the first microlens-tessera in pixels relative to the upper left corner of the input-image.
Micro-Stride X
Micro-Stride Y
The x/y-period-length of the microlens-tesserae in pixels.
Micro-Crop X
Micro-Crop Y
The relative x/y-crop-factor of the microlens-tesserae. 1 means no crop at all. 0.5 means maximum crop.

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